Every week, thousands of domain names are abandoned, including ones that have a valuable asset: YouTube videos with significant viewer counts that link to them or Wikipedia articles that link to them.

Finding these asset-rich domain names and putting them to good use can be a quick, simple, inexpensive way to generate online revenue.

Joshua Zamora researched this technique and created software that will help you automate this process. His software is called My TrafficJacker.

This is a powerful web-based application that allows you to find expired domains that are linked to on Wikipedia and YouTube. You can register these domains at GoDaddy or another domain registrar for about $10, and then use them for your own marketing.

These domains are especially valuable since when someone reads a Wikipedia article that links to the site or watches a YouTube video that links to the site, you have a visitor who has already been “warmed up” (a.k.a. pre-sold) for what you are offering.

You can re-develop the site for your marketing needs or you can re-direct incoming traffic to another site, where you can earn an affiliate commission.

With My TrafficJacker, you can get real (and aged) backlinks from Wikipedia, YouTube or (in rare cases, possibly) both for just about any niche or keyword you are focusing on.

And, what’s even better, because of the authority Wikipedia and YouTube have, links from them convey a lot of authority to you. That improves your search engine ranking.

We have arranged a collection of bonuses that will make you use of My TrafficJacker even more productive.

See an introduction to this new software here, then get your own subscription, along with our bonuses: My TrafficJacker.

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