Your website performance depends on the search engine optimization techniques your implement. Higher search rankings enable you to achieve more sales and strengthen your business.

The MarketingProfs contributor Matt Bassos has shared three SEO techniques that can help you improve your website’s performance.

Bassos says, “Businesses that rely on organic-search visibility for sales and conversions know the importance of SEO. Ranking for keywords in Google search, however, is becoming harder and more time consuming.

But you can still take steps to improve your organic-search visibility and the authority of your business and brand across the Web.

Here are three actions to take to ensure better SEO results, particularly if yours is a relatively new business.

1. Make sure you have a Google My Business listing

A crucial element of success in search is brand awareness and authority: The larger your brand presence on the Web, the more weight Google and other search engines give your ranking for core keywords.

Google My Business listing is the first step toward building such a presence, so it’s surprising just how many businesses have not created one”.

Three Actionable SEO Techniques to Improve Your Website Right Now


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