Social media sites have proved to be the most useful way to generate more web traffic and increase sales.

The Social Media Today contributor Larry Kim has shared seven ways to generate more social media traffic in 2019.

Kim says, “Want more social media buzz for your brand or business? 

Here are my seven best tips for generating more social engagement, and traffic, in 2019.

1. Install a Facebook Customer Chatbot

You know those customer chat widgets that pop up on the bottom of a website? You can take them to the next level with a Facebook Messenger website widget.

It functions the same way as a normal website chat, but with an added bonus – every time a customer chats with you, they have to opt-in to Facebook Messenger communications. That means you can get contact information from them, and follow up with them down the road”.

7 Ways to Generate More Social Media Traffic in 2019

Social Media Today

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