Digital transformation leads to adoption of the latest technologies for achieving your business goals. It leads your business towards automation.

Econsultancy recently held a ‘fireside chat’ on digital transformation. Jeff Rajeck has shared eight important steps to integrate technology into your business.

On preparing for the digital transformation journey, Rajeck says, “Once the direction is understood, transformation team needs to let everyone know that digital transformation will not be completed quickly, and it could be a very long journey, indeed.

For companies which are just getting started with digital, this message could be discouraging. But, as one participant pointed out, those who are relatively new to digital could be at an advantage; they may be able to ‘leapfrog’ their business through many stages of digital transformation.

For example, a retail business which has kept up with digital innovations will have started with single channel retail, then multi-channel, perhaps have had a pure-play ecommerce business and now will be working on an omnichannel strategy. At each step, the company will have added new systems, each of which will require integration at the next stage”.

Getting started with a large-scale digital transformation


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