In email marketing it is very important to keep your subscribers interested in what you are circulating to them. An unopened email campaign does not bring out any productive output.

AWeber contributor Monica Montesa has shared five secrets to help marketers create email content that helps them effectively engage their audiences.

On creating content that aims at solving the subscribers’ problems, Montesa says, “Addictive content is helpful. And the best way to create helpful content is to brainstorm topics that address your audience’s needs.

Not sure what your audience needs? Figure out their biggest “pain point” — or the problem that keeps them up at night. After all, people don’t buy a product or service because of it’s flashy features. They ultimately purchase a product because it solves a problem for them.

By understanding your subscribers’ biggest pain points, you can more effectively promote your product and write convincing marketing copy. Here’s how to find your customers’ pain points“.

The Secret to Writing Addictive Email Content

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