To gain more customers you need to tell the world how your existing customers are responding to your products and services. Publicizing those precious customer reviews can help you influence more prospects and turn them into customers.

Hubpot’s Sophia Bernazzani has shared ten strategies that can help brands to promote their positive customer reviews.

Bernazzani says, “The good news is, your customers are usually more than happy to help you out with this: The same survey found that, of the 74% of customers who were asked to provide feedback, 68% were willing to do it. So don’t be intimidated by the prospect of asking your customers for a favor — because all you have to do is ask, and they’ll likely be happy to help you out.

So, how do you get your customers to write the glowing reviews that help close deals? How do you ensure a customer is satisfied and happy enough to ask for the kind of positive reviews you need? Read on to adapt strategies that will make generating positive customer reviews a cinch.

1. Create different spaces to leave reviews.

Before potential customers even make it to your website to learn about your business, make sure they can learn about you no matter where they’re conducting online research about making a purchase”.

10 Strategies to Promote Positive Customer Reviews for Your Brand or Business