Online advertising plays an important role in maintaining your product sales. And Google has been the dominant player in online advertising with its AdWords platform.

You might have used AdWords for your promotional tasks. It carries scripts that can give you wider scope to target the right mass.

Econsultancy columnist Wesley Parker has shared four Google AdWords scripts that can help you make more sales this summer.

Parker says, “In this post I’m going to share with you four great Adwords scripts that will help you increase conversion rates and make sure you’re responding to external factors that affect if a sale will take place, like weather conditions and if your TV ads are being shown at the same time users are searching for your brand online.

Don’t worry if you can’t code, all four scripts below can simply be copied and pasted into your account without any coding experience, how great is that?

1. Countdown timer script

When browsing through Google, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an advertiser using countdown timers to increase conversion rates and generate urgency. But they are incredibly effective at doing just that.

google ad countdown

Matt Umbro from PPC Hero recently ran a split test to determine the effect of using countdown timers on CTR and conversion rate. They saw CTR increase from 2.87% to 4.02% for adverts with a countdown timer and a $3.66 decrease in cost per conversion”.

Four Google Adwords scripts that retailers can use to supercharge their summer sales

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