The Content Marketing Institute columnist Theresa Regli has shared a comprehensive article on Digital Asset Management. Regli has also explained the usefulness of various digital asset management systems.

Regli says, “Since the turn of the millennium, digital media of all kinds have become an increasingly significant part of our everyday experience. Every day, we consume and interact with photos, audio files, video clips, animations, games, interactive ads, streaming movies, and even experiential marketing, which has gained a digital edge with the rise of virtual reality and augmented reality.

This digital media boom is driven by a combination of trends and innovations: inexpensive, highly functional digital still and video cameras (even as part of mobile devices); increased network bandwidth; decreased storage costs; low-cost, high-performance processors; high-capacity, solid-state memory; affordable cloud services and the requisite digital media infrastructure.

Navigating all this digital media creates challenges for consumers and enterprises alike.

Consumers want to organize the experience and consumption of digital media files. They want to be able to find them, categorize them, and use them when and where they want – and they want to do all of this across multiple devices”.

Digital Asset Management: What It Is and Why You Need It

Content Marketing Institute

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