Econsultancy columnist Henry Hyder-Smith has shared four strategies marketers can adopt to improve their email deliverability rates by building better relationships with ISPs.

Henry says, “Having a healthy working relationship with internet service providers (ISPs) – via your email service provider (ESP) – can pay dividends (especially if you’re a big sender).

But this isn’t the type of business relationship you may be used to, and needs care, attention and applied knowledge. Escalating a problem to an ISP, such as an unfairly blocked campaign, is a careful process.

When sending campaigns to subscribers at the big ISPs, such as Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo, the delivery parameters are somewhat learnt from experience. Rather than describing everything about how they filter spam, the ISPs are somewhat ‘black-boxed’. Their obligation is to their account holders, so it’s in their interest to ensure their practices are kept as confidential as possible in order to prevent spammers taking advantage.

Yet your chosen ESP should have enough experience of sending mail to pick up on patterns of what can help or harm, and advise you accordingly”.

How to build relationships with ISPs to improve email delivery

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