Internet and search engines are the main tools that help businesses reach out to masses. No business can afford to ignore search engines nowadays.

With right keyword selection and content, it is easy to persuade the search engines and get higher rankings.

Entrepreneur contributor Chris Porteous has shared four keyword search strategies that can help grow your business.

Porteous says, “While there is no one right answer to how you determine which keywords to use, there are keyword search strategies that can help you figure it out. At My SEO Sucks, we’ve learned that comprehensive keyword research is the backbone of every campaign. Here are four of my favorite methods. Try one, or all four.

1. Focus on your niche

Find out what interests your current audience, then go further. Look at your brand and the products or services you sell to identify some of the keywords your customers use to locate your company or its offerings. Search for the most common terms in your niche (or what you believe are the most common). Tools like Moz make it easy to research and find derivative keywords around these terms. You can also see which has the most traffic and how competitive each keyword is.

From there, consider the value of each one. Many business owners are fixated on one or two of the high-value keywords, whereas there could be 10 to 20 derivative ones that do more volume per month and are of a lower keyword difficulty. The latter gives you the opportunity to stand out from the pack”.

4 Keyword Search Strategies to Grow Your Business


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