Forbes contributor Jayson DeMers has published an article comparing the inbound and outbound leads. This article can help those who are not able to decide which is right for them.

DeMers says, “Let’s see how inbound and outbound marketing stack up in these dimensions.


According to one report from Hubspot, organizations that use inbound marketing tactics see a per-lead cost that’s 61 percent less than their outbound-centric counterparts. Why is that?

Generally, outbound tactics require more moving parts, and rely on outside vendors for at least some of their execution. For example, if you invest in online advertising, you’ll likely pay a fixed cost for every “click” or visitor you get. If you buy billboard space or place advertising, you’ll need to work with a media company, and could end up paying hundreds to thousands of dollars for the spot.

Inbound marketing tactics like writing content and getting on social media take time, but they barely cost anything”.

Inbound Vs. Outbound Leads: Which Are Better?

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