Now you can connect, curate content and post on multiple social media accounts, and you can do it on autopilot with BleuPage Ultimate.
Let’s face it, there’s a lot of work keeping multiple social media accounts and blogs updated with fresh content.
BleuPage Ultimate finds engaging content for you (content that is specific for your niche) and then posts it in your accounts on all the major social media networks including:
► Facebook,
► Instagram,
► Twitter,
► LinkedIn,
► Pinterest,
► Google+,
► and even your WordPress blog.

This complex process can be completely automated (if you choose; retain more control if you prefer) with BleuPage Ultimate.

We recommend not automating completely. By maintaining some control and adding your personal comments to the content you curate, you will typically get better engagement.

In addition to gathering and posting all of your content, BleuPage Ultimate also helps you in:
• building your email lists,
• designing your own posts,
• bulk uploading,
• YouTube management,
• posting animated pictures, and
• discount coupons.

In fact, you can start managing your social media marketing with just 4 clicks of your mouse. There’s no complicated learning curve, and you can start getting results with Facebook and all the other social platforms right away.

This new software is just being released for general availability today. The doors at 11am Eastern.

Make sure you click the link right at 11am EST to make sure you lock-in the biggest discount possible: BleuPage Ultimate.

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