According to a Business Insider report, YouTube may raise the prices it charges advertisers on “reserved” inventory. The site has reported that this change is the result of brand safety issues YouTube faced recently.

Mike Shields says, “The web-video outlet is telling advertisers that prices for some of its top US channels could increase by nearly 20% next year. That’s according to people in the advertising industry who work with YouTube, help place ads on websites, or buy inventory for advertisers. YouTube owner Google has notified industry participants of the coming change in writing, these people said, asking not to be identified talking about private information.

The price increase for premium channels comes as big marketers scramble to make sure their ads are presented against web-video content that’s been vetted by professionals. The ad-price increase is for so-called reserved inventory“.

YouTube is jacking up ad prices after a string of brand safety issues

Business Insider

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