The use of artificial intelligence for content creation is on the rise. Automation in content creation will be a great aid to the content marketers and many brands have started adopting it.

Content Marketing Institute columnist Julia McCoy has shared some examples of content creation robots.

McCoy says, “The Associated Press, one of the nation’s oldest news networks, was founded in 1846 when five newspapers from New York City funded a pony express-type route to bring news of the Mexican war faster than the U.S. Post Office could. It’s crazy to think that today robots are writing thousands of the AP’s news stories.

The AP saw Automated Insights as an answer to combat the low output of corporate earnings reports by its writers. With the AI technology, output increased by 12 times. With the help of Automated Insights, AP now produces 3,700 quarterly earnings stories, which are brief. Here’s an example“.

Content Creation Robots Are Here [Examples]

Content Marketing Institute

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