Quality content plays a pivotal role in your marketing efforts. A great piece of content can inspire your prospects to take action. Also content creation becomes a challenging task when it comes to attracting more people and make them like what you have created.

Copyblogger columnist Ronell Smith has shared the ingredients of high quality content.

Talking about quality content, Smith says, “Ask 10 marketers how they define quality content and you’re likely to hear explanations that include a laundry list of buzzwords, phrases, and acronyms that few business owners have the time or the inclination to understand:

  • “It all comes down to Dwell Time.”
  • “The key metric is Time on Site (TOS).”
  • “If your content is of high quality, it should acquire a meaningful number of links.”

None of these statements is inherently wrong, but they are all fatally flawed, largely because they amount to after-the-fact goals that place all of the emphasis on judgment by search engines and web searchers.

In other words, these are elements appraised after you design, create, and share your content.

What’s most important for business owners, however, is to have a way of knowing if your content will build authority, trust, and, hopefully, customer love before you get to this judgment by third parties”.

Combine These 5 Research-Based Ingredients for Higher-Quality Content


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