IAB has released the ‘Podcast Playbook’ guide for marketers. The guide helps marketers understand audience demographics, listener behaviors, creative ad formats, delivery, targeting and measurement.

The IAB team says, “Nearly a quarter of the 12+ population in the US listens to podcasts on a monthly basis, according to
Edison Research’s ‘Podcast Consumer 2017’. That significant percentage presents today’s marketers
with great opportunities to engage with digital media consumers through podcast advertising. Podcast
listeners are highly engaged, react positively to ads in podcasts, and are likely to favor the advertisers
they hear. The mainstreaming of podcasts follows a broader pattern of smartphone use and connected
mobile lifestyles where audio plays an increasingly central role. In fact, 85% of listening to podcasts
takes place on a mobile device (Podtrac Analytics, May 2017). Podcast advertising is versatile, offering
both brand and response driven marketing strategies a wide variety of ad options from native and host
read ads to dynamically inserted, standardized ad units”.

Podcast Playbook: A Guide for Marketers

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