The WordPress support team is hosting a free workshop on ‘The Developers Guide to Supporting Your Themes’. The online workshop will be held on Wednesday, August 23 at 11.00 am CDT.

The WP support team says, “Some users approach plugins and themes with realistic expectations regarding the support they might receive on tickets. Others approach these free products as if they were all built with large teams of professional support behind them, which is rarely the case. This often results in frustration, one-star reviews, and ultimately a bad reputation for products hosted in the official directories. It is also one of the primary reasons developers forgo putting products on and simply opt to host them on GitHub.

The new workshops will offer concrete strategies for bridging the chasm of expectation regarding support that exists between developers and users. theme and plugin authors will share the tools and ideas they have implemented to offer support while creating a positive experience for everyone involved”.

WordPress Support Team’s Free Workshop on Supporting Themes

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