Google has introduces account-level content exclusions for its display network campaigns. This change affects forums, error pages, photo-sharing pages etc.

The Google AdWords team says, “We’re working to simplify the available site category options for Display Network campaigns. In order to streamline the AdWords interface and improve serving, we’re merging some site category options and removing others. These changes will unify the options across Display and Video campaigns and allow for smoother workflows so you can easily manage settings for your whole account.

Starting in early 2018, all Display Network campaigns will be moved to a simplified set of options (details below). We recommend that you manually update your options before then.

Introducing account-level content exclusions

We’re introducing account-level control of content exclusions in the new AdWords experience.

Site category options are now called content exclusions in the new AdWords experience — and you can now set these exclusions in one place for your entire account. This means you can set content exclusions one time in your account settings, and they will apply to all new and existing campaigns in your account. Learn how to set account-level exclusions“.

Simplified site category options for Display Network campaigns

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