The Membership Site Success Summit kicks off in just a week. It runs August 9-11, online.

It will be hosted by experienced marketer Liam Austin and will feature nearly two dozen expert marketers who use membership sites where they provide ongoing content in return for a monthly fee in their business.

Grab your free pass here: Membership Site Success Summit.

I’ve checked out the lineup and it’s pretty impressive. It includes world class membership site experts sharing their best tactics.

Among the speakers are:
■ Timothy Sykes,
■ Justin Ferryman,
■ Marc Grabanski,
■ Coling Gray,
■ James Schramko and more.

Don’t miss out on what will be an remarkable opportunity to learn from “been there, done that” experts​ sharing their strategies on:
• How to build a successful membership business that generates recurring income
• How to attract more members and convert them to loyal customers
• How to keep members engaged so that they stick around longer
• How to build and manage your site to give you the lifestyle you want

The event will be held entirely online so you can join in from anywhere.

Get all the details and receive your free pass​ here: Membership Site Success Summit

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