Membership sites are one the best ways to build a recurring income. People pay a monthly fee to be a member of your site. If you provide good content for your members, people will return month after month.

Not only do you get the recurring income from their membership fees, you also get opportunities to present upgrades and other offers to them, adding to your income.
Do a good job, and your customers will become loyal followers. This is a chance for a long-term profitable relationship.

This long-term customer service will make you an authority in your niche, as IM NewsWatch is, in the online marketing niche.

Your site can potentially become the number one place to go for authoritative niche information.

You are also building a community. As members talk to one another and assist each other, they draw closer together. This cohesion builds the perceived value of your site. Their mutual loyalty will increase their loyalty to you.

Absolute Leverage LLC has introduced a new membership platform, a one-stop solution providing member services and, if you want to provide online courses to your members, it has a course management system built in. It’s called Everlesson, and it provides:

1. Cloud-hosted unique mobile friendly membership portal
2. Unlimited Page Views by your members
3. Add Unlimited number of Products to your site
4. No Transaction fees when you sell courses or other upgrades to your members
5. Automated license e-mails
6. Payment gateway integrations
7. Domain redirection (CName Mapping)
8. Add comment box to courses
9. Broadcast announcement inside membership
10. Gamification settings for more engagement
and a lot more.

When you build training with Everlesson, your job becomes a lot easier:
■ Imagine being able to build out a complete membership site in minutes.
■ Imagine having gamification built in, so you can give people incentives to watch your videos, do your lesson exercises and engage with other students.
■ Imagine being able to give people one login for all the products you offer, both free products and paid products.
■ Imagine having them log in, and seeing everything they’re qualified to access, plus everything they don’t yet own, along with an opportunity to upgrade to get their missing pieces.
■ Imagine how much easier your life would be if every time you got an idea for a new opt-in incentive or a new course, you could load it on your site, then have it available for sale and fully integrated into your product suite in record time.
■ Imagine how you could create a business building out membership sites for other people, too, just like your own.

The Everlesson platform can help you profit in many ways

This is the second edition of Everlesson, and they have built in the new features the early adopters requested. As a result, Everlesson can be your one-stop membership solution. Real users who use it for their own membership sites in a variety of niches.

This isn’t the only membership and course management system, but nothing comes close to its capabilities and its low price. Take a look at this comparison chart.
Compare Ever Lesson with other course management and membership solutions

IM NewsWatch readers get a collection of 6 bonuses when they get Everlesson. See them here: Everlesson Bonuses for IM NewsWatch readers

Now is your chance to get it at the lowest price you will ever find.

You get all the information about the platform here, so check it our for yourself: Everlesson

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