SEO is the core purpose why marketers adopt content marketing. Quality content helps them get good search engine ranking.

But to survive in the ranking competition, you need to keep your content fresh and likable. It requires persistent efforts to know what people are in need of and accordingly publication of the suitable content helps.

WordStream’s Megan Marrs published an article sharing tips on evergreen content and how to use it for surviving the SEO competition. The article focused on evergreen content ideas, combining content with keywords, tips for creating evergreen content etc.

On combing content and keywords, Marrs says, “Evergreen content is a valuable part of a good content marketing strategy for the web, but it becomes even more powerful when combined with SEO techniques. Consider basing your evergreen pieces around keywords you’d like your site to rank on. Even the most lasting evergreen piece isn’t worth much if people aren’t searching for that topic or if it doesn’t relate to your business, so do your keyword research.

Be sure to follow basic SEO techniques like on-page keyword optimization (but not keyword stuffing!), making use of your images’ alt text, and including social sharing buttons. The more search-friendly your evergreen article is, the more it can be seen, shared, and linked, driving traffic for months or even years to come”.

What is Evergreen Content? A Guide to Long-Lasting Content That Boosts SEO

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