Social media is growing in terms of several networks now. And Instagram is growing faster than any other social media network today.

Marketers use social media to promote their products and services to a wider range of people. But according to Lesya Liu of Entrepreneur, they can also build their email lists with the network like Instagram. Liu has shared four ways marketers can use Instagram to get more email subscribers.

Liu says, “Few people think of Instagram as a lead-generating tool, but it definitely is — if done correctly.

1. Mention it occasionally.

The first, easiest way to start a list is to simply ask your existing followers to sign up but do it sporadically. Asking too often won’t get a subscriber but might just lose a follower. Once in a while create a post highlighting the benefits of signing up for your emails. It could be insider previews, special promotions or unique content not found anywhere else.

Now that they follow you on Instagram and are also subscribed to your emails, it becomes so much easier for your company to stay on top of their mind”.

4 Tips to Leverage the Power of Instagram to Grow Your Email List

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