Whether it is desktop or mobile, speed of your site matters. That is what has driven marketers towards the adaptation of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

Most of the content providers use WordPress as their content management solution. According to a MediaPost research, Google AMPs can load websites 15-80% faster than standard mobile pages without compromising functionality.

Search Engine Land’s Stephanie LeVonne has put together a handy guide for WordPress users to help them set-up AMP.

LeVonne says, “In today’s mobile-centric world, having pages that load quickly is essential for satisfying the user. Not only that, but the effects of slow page speed have been correlated to a decease in overall revenue and an increase in page abandonment.

Users have come to expect mobile sites to load just as quickly as their desktop counterparts. In fact, Amazon, one of the largest online retailers, concluded that even a one-second lag in page load speed accounted for a $1.6B decrease in annual revenue.

Accelerated mobile pages (AMPs) are quickly becoming the standard for how a fast-loading page should be built. While the ease of AMP implementation will vary depending on your CMS (content management system), WordPress can be a good test environment for previewing what your AMP page might look like”.

Setting up and testing AMP for WordPress: A quick 7-step guide

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