Keyword research plays pivotal role in planning and executing your SEO strategy. Marketers are always on hunt for those niche keyword which can help them get good rankings.

MOZ writer Brian Childs has shared a six-step guide to target multiple keywords with one page of your websites.

On optimizing a page for multiple keywords, Childs says, “If you develop a strategy of optimizing your pages for only one keyword, this can lead to a couple of issues. For example, if a content writer feels restricted to one keyword for a page they might develop very thin content that doesn’t discuss the broader concept in much useful detail. In turn, the marketing manager may end up spreading valuable information across multiple pages, which reduces the potential authority of each page. Your site architecture may then become larger than necessary, making the search engine less likely to distinguish your unique value and deliver it into a SERP.

As recent studies have shown, a single high-ranking page can show up in dozens — if not hundreds — of SERPs. A good practice is to identify relevant search queries related to a given topic and then use those queries as your H2 headings”.

How to Target Multiple Keywords with One Page – Next Level

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