According to research firm BIA/Kelsey U.S. mobile-ad spend will exceed $40 billion in 2017 and by 2020 it will reach $65 billion. Seeing these statistics it becomes more crucial and important for the marketers to optimize the mobile SEO and enhance their mobile marketing.

Entrepreneur columnist John Boitnott has shared eight SEO tips for the mobile web.

Boitnott says, “Mobile SEO, much like traditional SEO, is about creating and tagging content in a way that makes it stand out online. Use this list of DIY mobile SEO tips to protect your brand from search engine penalties and maintain online visibility:

1. Create a Google My Business listing.

One of the most important listings businesses owners can create, Google My Business accounts are free and simple to set up. Fill out the information to the best of your ability, and include as many images of your business as possible. When people enter a search for your business online or via a Google app, they will likely see this information first. Make it count”.

8 DIY SEO Tips to Optimize Your Mobile Marketing

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