McCoy says, “ In the rush to get on the front page of Google, a major SERP opportunity stands out as the most useful and most relevant available: featured snippets.

The bits of text at the top of many informational searches in Google, featured snippets can drive a ton of attention toward your site and can be an invaluable weapon for marketers.

How can you create content that has the chance of ranking in featured snippets?

While many marketers assume featured snippets are the territory of SEO masters or brands with million-dollar marketing budgets, that isn’t true at all.

What are featured snippets? 

Featured snippets are the informational content that shows up in Google’s SERPs immediately after the ads and sponsored posts (if available). This search for “how to show ROI for marketing” features a snippet from Marketing M”.

Google’s Featured Snippets: How to Get Your Content to Appear

Content Marketing Institute

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