Michele Linn says, “Web content and blog articles. We all need them, but what do we do with them as their numbers grow (and grow)?

It’s easy to get overwhelmed. How do you keep your content up to date? Which pages should you focus on? And what should you even do with the pages you are tracking?

Today I’ll share a system for identifying which pages on your website deserve the bulk of your attention and what actions to take on these pages using a few key reports from Google Analytics.

Ultimately, you’ll learn how to increase traffic to your pages already performing well and optimize the pages getting good traffic but aren’t performing to your expectations.

A review of key reports

Before we dig in, there are three reports from Google Analytics you need to access and understand:

  • Traffic: Number of people arriving on your site page
  • Organic search volume: Number of people arriving on your site page from a search engine (excluding visitors from paid search)”.

Where Should You Spend Time on Your Website? 5 Data-Driven Opportunities

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