Jacob Baadsgaard says, “Have you ever opened up a paid search report and felt a jolt of fear?

Maybe your new campaign wasn’t performing well. Maybe you’d inexplicably spent a ton on AdWords and had nothing to show for it. Maybe it was just more bad news in a losing fight for profitability.

Regardless of your particular situation, if you’ve been in paid search for long, you’ve probably had that gut-wrenching feeling at some point.

Turns out, there’s more to that feeling than you might have thought.

After a series of rather extraordinary events, it’s become clear to me that there is a reason why so many companies struggle with search engine marketing.

There be monsters out there…

Fighting the good fight

It seems like there are monster shows everywhere these days (The Walking Dead, True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, just to name a few). I’d always thought this was just a pop culture trend, but it turns out that there’s something to this fascination”.

Are there PPC monsters lurking inside your paid search account?

Search Engine Land

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