George Beall says, “Talking to anyone with a website startup for a long enough period of time ought to lend itself to the mention of SEO, links, keywords, etc.

For those of you lucky enough to have avoided this vacuous aspect of startup culture, pretty SEO entirely revolves around getting other sites to link certain keywords to your site so you can do better in search results.

Additionally, Reddit, the social network with little homogeneity and a plethora of regulation, moderators, and hostility towards non-community members, is infamous for a practice called shadow-banning.

On Reddit if you get reported by moderators too much, which is not hard to have happen, then your account gets “shadow-banned” meaning that you can still post, like, comment, etc. except you won’t be able to tell that your actions are not actually happening.

These two practices have become intertwined with the means in which people approach the two platforms. Yet, no one even realizes that both are extremely real on Facebook at this very moment”.

SEO for Social Media: How to Ensure You Don’t Get Blacklisted on Facebook

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