Ben Davis says, “The single customer view (SCV) is one of marketing’s hot potatoes.

Is it really feasible? Well, according to our latest Quarterly Intelligence Briefing: The Pursuit of Data-Driven Maturity (in association with Adobe), 20% of marketers have in fact achieved an actionable SCV.

The survey has thrown up plenty of fascinating data – let’s take a look at a little bit of it.

How is marketing data being used?

As the survey report eloquently puts it, ‘the pursuit of digital maturity is increasingly synonymous with the pursuit of data maturity.’

With businesses commonly combining online and offline data, and data increasingly the foundation of every marketing action, this statement can be broadened. Marketing maturity = data maturity.

This data maturity in turn defines how easily marketers can engender a one-to-one interaction with customers at scale”.

20% of marketers have created an actionable ‘single customer view’

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