Chuck Kohn says, “As your company evolves, you may find that the website you began your business with no longer accurately reflects your vision or your products and services. In this instance, a re-skin — otherwise known as changes to the layout, visual appearance, and/or other elements — can help you preserve the aspects of your website that are still relevant, while expanding on or updating those that are not. Like any design process, re-skinning can be time-consuming, and a successful result depends on strategic implementation. If you are deciding whether or not to re-skin your company’s website, first ask yourself these three questions:

When should I re-skin my website?
There is no specific period of time (such as six months, a year, or two years) that calls for re-skinning your website. Instead, consider re-skinning when your branding changes (i.e. you have a new color scheme or logo), when your content changes (for example, a new product launch), or when your messaging changes significantly. If your site metrics suggest that interaction is declining, re-skinning may again be justified”.

How Often Should You ‘Re-Skin’ Your Company’s Website?

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