Your product sales page is the heart of your selling process. Of course, it’s important to get traffic, targeted traffic and, of course, it’s important to deliver your product and service your clients’ needs, but unless your sales presentation holds your visitor’s attention and convinces them of how your product will meet their needs, all the rest is useless.

You need to create a persuasive presentation, one that uses all the available online tools that can get attention and hold it so that your message sinks in and attaches itself to your prospective client’s consciousness.

Neil Napier saw this need every online marketer (including Napier, himself) has, and came up with a solution, PrezHero.

Even if you are new to creating video presentations, here’s what this new software can do your you:
•Drag and Drop Interface that is the foundation for all its benefits
•Lets you create Presentations On The Fly
•Lets you upload Images and videos and embed them in your presentation
•Includes a library of images and shapes for you to use
•Lets you select your own palette for the background of your presentation
•In fact, it gives you complete control over all your colors
•Its presentations are responsive to screen size
•Lets you create entrance and exit animations for your presentations

That’s just the beginning. there’s a lot more PrezHero can do for you.

And, working with Napier, IM NewsWatch has arranged bonuses that will make your presentations even better. Take a look at them here: IM NewsWatch bonuses for PrezHero.

As of this writing, the offer is still open (ignore the count-down timer), but, even so, time is short. Check out this new software here: PrezHero

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