Well, there’s a lot more, but we have to first give a nod to its main function: landing pages (also known as squeeze pages or opt-in pages) are its primary reason for existence, and it does them well.

Landing Page Monkey was designed to create pages that attract your visitors’ attention. When you use it, you can quickly add a background video to your lead-magnet page. When you do, even a busy visitor can take a few moments to watch your video, and if your content is persuasive, he signs up.

Boost the energy of your page by adding animation to your opt-in box, and you’ll present your visitors a polished, cutting-edge lead page.

When you do, you will get a better conversion rate, resulting in a bigger mailing list.

But what else can Landing Page Monkey do?

Actually, Landing Page Monkey is rather flexible. It can do a lot of other things:

• Sales Pages

You can use it to build sales pages. Especially, consider it for your demo pages. You can use your demo video up as the background for your page. Here is a demo page for a game, build with Landing Page Monkey: http://clika.pe/l/13/109/.

Or you can use a static graphic as your background for your page. Then, place your sales video in the video box. See an example of this technique here: http://clika.pe/l/13/91/.

• Webinar Registration Pages.

If you are planning to invote people to webinars, then put Landing Page Monkey to work building your registration pages.It builds attractive sign up pages for your webinars. Its high-impact page design will reinforce your sales message so you can get more sign-ups.

• Exit Pages

Typically, up to 99% of a site’s traffic leaves a sales page without buying anything. That’s true for your other pages, too. But you want to get these visitors to interact with you. At a minimum, you want to add them to a mailing list, so you can get a second opportunity to present your offers to them.

Let Landing Page Monkey start capturing those departing visitors by creating a slick exit page with a free offer.

• Contest Registration Pages

Contests can bring engagement with your best prospects. Landing Page Monkey can builds your contest entry pages to get contestants registered. Why not include a video or a photo showing some of the prizes contestants could win?

• Information Request Forms

Instead of offering a free downloadable video, software or report, you can offer something via the postal system.

This might be a package of information about your products, a hard copy book or even a DVD. This way, you get your prospect’s email address, as well as their postal address.

• Rebate Processing Forms

Do you want to offer a rebate on your product? Use Landing Page Monkey to build a rebate processing form with custom fields to collect your customer’s receipt number and other pertinent information.

You can probably think of other ways to use this powerful software. These 7 are just a start. Any time you need to capture any type of information for a mailing list, Landing Page Monkey can create the page for you.

It’s only limited by your imagination. Get the whole story here: Landing Page Monkey.

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