Tamar Weinberg says, “In past years, organic reach on Facebook has been making very little impact, with marketers of late arguing that visibility is more of a “pay to play” phenomenon. Today, there’s promise for change on the horizon.

Until now, publishers on Facebook have had quite a tough time being the signal through the noise, finding that social posts have had very little reach. The reason, many argue, quite simply comes down to Facebook’s algorithm. There are more interesting stories that are of interest to a visitor at any given time.

With Facebook’s Audience Optimization tool, launched today, Facebook is rolling out an organic targeting feature that will help publishers reach specific subsets of audiences to better understand post engagement. Relevancy is increased when posts are tailored for a target audience. For example, post updates can be targeted to interests, such as “U2” or “basketball“.

Facebook Makes News Feed More Relevant Again With Organic Audience Optimization

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