Over the last few days we have told you about the training videos (case studies of successful YouTube ads).

These case studies were produced by Neil Napier and Justin Sardi.

Yesterday afternoon, they released their third case study here: Video Introduction to YouTube Advertising.

This one is about eCommerce, to show you how they revived a dead eCommerce store, using a $10 buy of YouTube ads.

Napier and Sardi have received some very favorable feedback about these video case studies. Some people have shifted their focus from Facebook and other ad platforms to work with YouTube ads.

Today, 11th December, at 10 AM EST, they are doing a live webinar to show you a few more things about YouTube ads that they had to leave out of their 3 videos.

When you opt in for the 3 videos (and the free training PDF YouTube Ads Cheat Sheet) they will give you a link to their live webinar.

On this call, besides more tips on using YouTube Ads, they will help you get free $100 to use for YouTube ads.

So sign up and join Napier and Sardi for this call – Friday, 11th December, 10 am EST.

We plan to send a representative to the call. You can opt in and sign up for your own seat here: VideoX Launch Webinar.

Here’s additional good news. With the permission of Napier and Sardi, IM NewsWatch has arranged additional bonus training, and any of our readers who invest in VideoX will get this package of bonuses, too: IM NewsWatch Bonuses for VideoX.

You will get these bonuses when you invest in VideoX hereVideoXtreme.

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