Simon Harries is a Facebook marketer of considerable experience. He has uncovered a method for creating a large group of followers in Facebook without using any paid ads.

Along with Manny Hanif and Declan Mc, he has developed training and software that will assist you in following his example to get your own group of followers. They call it Total FB Takeover.

Facebook still has lots of traffic available, but ads are getting expensive and fan pages aren’t drawing in traffic as well as they used to.

Their approach is to create Facebook groups in the niches they want to target. The people who join these groups are quite interested in the topic; that’s why they join. That makes them good candidates for your niche products.

With ordinary list building, there are several barriers that limit your list growth. But with Facebook groups, you can grow your list without squeeze pages, double-optins or other limits.

In the training you will discover:
• How to monetize the group (or groups) you build.
• How to use Fiverr (in a surprising way) to increase your group membership
• How to build the loyalty of your group members
• How to combine Teespring and Shopify for evergreen income from your group
• And more.

The Total FB Takeover Software will automate your process for researching niches and then creating a group for each niche you choose.

The software is simple enough for anyone. Just enter a title, a group description, then choose between a public group and a private group. That’s it. The Total FB Takeover Software will automatically create a new group for you.

Once your group is created, the software will help you manage it and update your content. If you have multiple groups, you can manage all of them centrally.

If you thought Facebook marketing was hard and expensive, think again.

Get all the details of this new software and training here: Total FB Takeover.

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