No doubt, some Facebook marketers are doing well, while others are going broke.

The secret to success is:
1. Attract targeted traffic to your fan page and
2. Properly monetize your fan page so people who arrive take action.

It has been said that apps are the future of monetizing fan pages. When you consider that over 60% of Facebook traffic is now mobile, the use of apps makes sense.

Now, there is a 5 step Facebook strategy that can help you pocket a tidy sum daily.

You can discover the exact strategy and see a walk-through here: 5 step Facebook marketing strategy

The key to this strategy is being able to build and scale custom-built mobile apps using the new Zapable app builder.

The Fox brothers (Andrew Fox and Chris Fox), who created this new software, say it only takes you a few minutes to build these apps.

Zapable is a powerful and flexible app builder. With it, you can:

* Add any Fan Page To Your App With the Click Of A Button

* View the Facebook Feed in your App. This way, users never need to leave your app to engage with your offers.

* Update your app automatically. As you update your Facebook Fan page, your app picks up the new information automatically. This way, there’s no need for the end user to do anything.

Watch the Zapable Demo. You will be pleased when you see how it works. You will understand better how it fits into the strategy.

The demo will show you that you can easily build these apps, even if you have no experience at all. It’s made for people like you.

This software is turning out to be very popular among savvy marketers, because apps are big business in their own right. When you combine them with Facebook, you have a winning combination.

Get your copy here: Zapable.

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