Reed Floren has just released training most online marketers would benefit from, How to Build Your Email List with Solo Ads .

Many online marketers (sellers of ads) offer to other marketers (buyers of ads) to send ads to the ad seller’s mailing list (or a portion of the list). The ads are called solo ads since the email with the ad has no other content other than the ad; it’s alone or “solo” in the email. The fee for the ad is usually based on how many “clicks” the buyer receives from the ad. The number of clicks depends on many factors, including the size of the list receiving the ad.

This new video course shows you, step by step, everything you need to know about getting traffic to your site, and selling your products. You do this by using easy, inexpensive solo ads.

Even if you have a small budget and even if you have no technical or writing skills, solo ads can often be your best way to build your website traffic or your mailing list.

In How to Build Your Email List with Solo Ads , you will learn step by step, piece by piece, from an internet marketing expert. You will discover things like:
• How to find quality solo ads for sale
• Learn how to build your list fast with strategic ads
• How to evaluate a seller
• What you need to ask a solo ad seller to assure the best results
• How to track your ad campaigns to measure results
• How to minimize your risks while maximizing your profits
• How to ramp up your ad campaign for greater profit
• How to earn a profit from the all ads you buy

Solo ads are measurable and get results quickly. They are a way to make an impact on your bottom line and do it quickly. Floren has bought many solo ads, from many sellers. He can guide you so that you don’t waste your money.

You can see his results, understand his offer and get your own copy here: How to Build Your Email List with Solo Ads .

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