Paul Nicholls has created 21 internet marketing training products over the last few years, and has sold them, mostly as WSOs, to quite a few marketers.

Now, he is doing something he never did before: offering PLR rights to all his products, so you can resell these products as your own.

The list is too long to show here, but you can see the whole list on his sales page. These are video products and, together, contain over 160 videos.

19 of the products come with sales pages you can use to sell the products on your web site.

If you were to buy the 21 products individually, it would cost you $598, far more than you will pay for this bundle. And, with this special, short-term, sale, you can resell them to recover your investment.

Get all the details, and get your copy, here: 21 internet marketing training products.

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