You may be surprised to hear that you really can create top-quality, high-converting sales/promo videos on your iPhone.

Joey Xoto, who may fairly be called a video-guru, is sharing some of his best video tips about how to avoid low-quality, ugly videos when using your iPhone.

He just released his new iPocket Video training that shows you how to maximize your video quality on an iPhone. (And nearly all of this also applies to Android phones. )

Xoto has ben experimenting with iPhone videos and has found ways to get the most out of its video capability.

He has found that all it takes to potentially double or triple your sales is your iPhone or Android phone. Video is the vital boost you need for your sales page. And the good news is that your late-model smartphone can give you the high-quality video you need.

During the grand opening for iPocket Video, he’s sharing his iPhone filming secrets for a reasonable price, affordable even for a beginning broke marketer.

This training is an easy-to-follow, step – by – step video course that starts where you are now, even if you are a complete beginner, and moves you toward becoming a video maerketing pro.

With Xoto’s help, shooting highly profitable videos with nothing but your iphone becomes practical.

When you see the sample videos he has shot with an iPhone, you will understand why he says you can film elite quality videos with nothing more than your iPhone. His step-by-step instructions show you how.

This skill puts you on an even playing field. You don’t need high-budget pro equipment to make good-looking, high-quality videos Your smartphone is all you need.

And that’s good because:
• Video can double or triple your conversion rate.
• Video can open you up to new audience.
• Video can make you a recognized authority very quickly.

Just follow the easy steps inside this training.

To make sure you can make the most of this training, IM NewsWatch has arranged two e-books to be included for our readers:

IM-NewsWatch-Bonus — iPocket Video

You can get your training, plus our bonuses, right here, risk-free, right now: iPocket Video.

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