SEO has many nuances that have some effect on your results, but one of the primary factors in a high rating is backlinks. And the most useful backinks are “do follow” links from influential sites.

Finding authoritative sites that will give you backlinks is no small task, particularly “do follow” links. For example, IM NewsWatch marks its links to products for sale “no follow”.

David Henry‘s software, Comment Commander Pro Plus 1, finds influential websites in your niche that allow “do follow” backlinks and helps you place backlinks on them.

Finding these sites can be a big boost for your business because:
1. These sites are respected by Google, so their links to your site are looked on favorably and have a lot of weight.
2. These sites, being heavily visited themselves, can bring a lot of direct traffic, even without the search engines.
3. These sites are run by influential people. Once you make contact with the owner, you may find they are a good ally for your future marketing.

In just a few minutes the software can find high-authority sites for you and, besides that, it can alert you when there is a new post on the site so you can be one of the first to comment on the post.

If you take this commenting role seriously, you can make a lot of contacts in your industry and build your web of backlinks, and even get some viral activity when other visitors to those sites tweet or “Like” your post.

And a special value provided by Comment Commander Pro Plus 1 is that it lets you easily check to see if your comments were accepted. That way you can make sure the page is indexed in search engines, directories, etc. so you get the maximum mileage from your work.

If you want to get, not just more backlinks, but also better backlinks, check out this software and get it while it’s on sale.

Find out all about it here: Comment Commander Pro Plus 1.

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