There’s lots of money being spent on personal fitness, over $20 Billion in the US alone; worldwide, it’s a lot more. And this niche is growing daily. HP Jeschke has partnered with Naidy Phoon to create Fitness Money to show you how to make a steady income from fitness niche sites.

In this new training, they show you how to become a profitable affiliate marketer in sub-niches of the health and fitness niche.

In Fitness Money, you will discover:
• How to select a profitable sub-niche within the broad fitness and health niche
• How to find and select profitable products in your selected sub-niche
• How to create a website with suitable content to attract people to your site and make them glad they came
• How to use SEO and other traffic methods to build your traffic for greater profitability
• How to profit from social media
• Many other useful tips and techniques.

This training is on a dime sale, currently at $14.99 but rising.

The authors say that the sites made based on their guidance in this training have been earning from $2- to $100 weekly. And they offer you a 30 trial period with a money-back guarantee if following their plan doesn’t make money for you.

Get their experience-based training here: Fitness Money.

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