The definition of Authority Site is mushy. Clearly Amazon is an authority site for books and ESPN is an authority site for sports. And most solo entrepreneur internet marketers would agree that IM NewsWatch is an authority site for internet marketing.

But practically speaking, the issue comes down to profitability. Authority sites, by virtue of their authority, are profitable. That’s why we all long for the “scent of authority.” And for profitability, the key question is “How much authority does Google (and Bing) attribute to your site?”

That’s a particularly tough question for new sites. Sites that have been up for years have earned more of what we might call “authority points” than those just coming online. The age itself helps, and if the site has been consistently adding content during those years, that accumulating content earns additional authority points.

Today, Brendon Zahrndt is releasing The Rapid Fire Mini Authority Factory, a guide to creating a new website and quickly earning authority points for the site. IM NewsWatch has reviewed this training and has the following comment.

This is a topic of importance to all new internet marketers, but as Zahrndt points out, it is especially important if you want to sell your site. In this guide, he shows you, step-by-step, the things you need to do to build authority credits for your site in weeks, not years.

This isn’t an overview, it’s a 77-page in-depth guide to building your site’s authority, starting from zero and getting to “pretty good.” You won’t rival Amazon, but you don’t need to. You will pass dozens (or possibly even hundreds) of similar niche sites in your niche. Your site might be said to have “mini-authority.”

Zahrndt looks at what Google considers to be indicators of authority, and he shows you how to achieve those because each gives you authority points.

Everything from the name of your site to its hosting provider to its content has an impact on your site’s authority. So Zahrndt starts at the beginning, as though you were planning a new site, and walks you through the process of becoming authoritative.

He assumes your site will be based on WordPress and this affects the details of his suggestions (although the principles apply to HTML sites, as well).

He shows you how to do the technical stuff, such as choosing and installing a theme and plugins, but he also points out the marketing and legal pages you will needs, as well.

Once your site is built (in a “good neighborhood” and with a good domain name), you need to tackle the issue of getting your site to rank in the search engines. He lists several tactics you need to employ (none of them “black hat”) and where beneficial, he gives you the names of outsourcers he has found trustworthy. Not only that, he worked out a discounted price for their services, which can save you good money.

After you have followed his process, your site will be firmly established in your niche. At that point, you can either continue to improve its content over the years or, if you choose, you can sell it. With the authority you have earned, your potential sales price can be above average. He gives you a suggested process for accomplishing the sale speedily and favorably.

This is a well thought-out guide to building the authority of a new website. Its advice can be implemented by any marketer and if you choose to outsource the skilled portions of the process, he estimates that you can do that for about $250. On that investment, he aims to earn a bout $300 profit. (Your mileage may vary.)

IM NewsWatch finds this guide a useful addition to your library of marketing training.

The verdict: IMNW Approved

If you are interested in this topic, you can find more information here: The Rapid Fire Mini Authority Factory

Note: This is intended to be an impartial review of this product. However, buying the product through the link in the review may result in a commission to IMNW.

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