You are only one person and can only do so much. But there are many (thousands) of freelance workers willing to work for you. Odesk, Fiverr, Scriptlance and several other sites have many eager workers, just looking for work.

Stuart Walker has been “leveraging” the work of these freelance workers for years, and, he says, earning $50,000 per year doing so. Now, in The Easy $50,000 Business, he shows how he does it.

The fact that other people do almost all the work in his business means that Walker has a lot of flexibility for travel and for how he spends his days. Anywhere he has an internet connection, he can do his coordination work and hire a freelancer to do the heavy lifting.

In The Easy $50,000 Business, he shows the whole process for replicating his business, including:
• Types of businesses you can start and operate in this way
• Costs and profit opportunities
• How to set up your business website
• How to get traffic to your site
• How to keep your customers happy
• Online tools and resources that will help you operate your business effectively

There’s a lot of helpful information in The Easy $50,000 Business if you want to use this profitable business model.

You can learn more and get your own copy here for under $10: The Easy $50,000 Business

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