Stealth Endorsement Optimizer by Taian Turcu and Hamish Millar is a quiet way to improve your SEO.

This new plugin is a link cloaking tool, but far more than that. When you put your mouse over the affiliate link it also shows a bubble that tells how many others liked or clicked the link, which gives social proof of the value of your offer and increases click through rates.

There is also a feature that builds additional social proof; it’s a “like” counter pop-up on affiliate link to increase click through rate.

It’s very easy to set-up and is user friendly. It will also automatically create pages for long-tail keywords that redirect the user to your affiliate offer.

It will also search for related keywords and add them as tags to your post to increase rankings. In addition it will do auto page creation for long tail keywords. And it will even prevent search engines from following broken links.

Social media marketing has become a mega-trend. You can take advantage of this trend. Check out the many benefits of the social approach to improving your blog’s SEO here: Stealth Endorsement Optimizer

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