StomperNet team is hosting a webinar with Jeff Mills on Thursday, November 3 at 8.00 pm EST. The topic of the webinar is “How to Cash in on the $38 Billion Dollar Mobile Apps Goldmine”.

StomperNet team says, “Join Jeff as he goes over how to make “Multiple Streams of Income” that you can easily earn immediately by creating and marketing mobile apps to small businesses. There are 5.2 Billion mobile phone users out there. Apps are quickly replacing web sites! iPhones, iPads and Androids are replacing computers! You’ll learn that if you can send an email, make a document in Word, or make a post in a blog – then you can make money and profit in the Mobile App Revolution!”.

Webinar Details

Organizer: StomperNet team

Key Persons: Jeff Mills

Topic: How to Cash in on the $38 Billion Dollar Mobile Apps Goldmine

Day/Date: Thursday, November 3

Time: 8.00 pm EST – Time Zone Converter

Register for webinar details.

‘How to Cash in on the $38 Billion Dollar Mobile Apps Goldmine’ Webinar

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