James Burt’s latest é-Wealth Daily’ article is titled “A Sales Pro Can Take Your Info Marketing Business to New Heights”. [é-Wealth Daily’ Article]

James Burt’s latest é-Wealth Daily’ article:

A Sales Pro Can Take Your Info Marketing Business to New Heights

If you’re an independent business pro, you should be proud of your accomplishments and skills. The ability to create a business that clients like, the drive to succeed on your own terms, the strength to try and survive tough times…not everybody can do this stuff. It’s worth acknowledging your qualities from time to time.

But let’s be realistic, too. You’re human and you’re not infallible. There are probably some things you just cannot do. There’s no shame in this. Everyone’s limited to some degree. Business pros are good on their own, but even they need help from time to time.

Information marketers are no exception. They can usually do a lot — create content, maintain web sites, do business deals. This takes an advanced business skill set and not everyone has it. But they have flaws, too.

One matter that’s come up with info marketers in the past is that of sales. The question of how you first get clients and then get them to dig into their pockets to pay for your info products is probably the biggest challenge of having an info marketing business. You can be smart, creative, and good at creating a business. But selling products is often another more challenging matter.

Some people have trouble with this to the point of letting their business dwindle into inactivity or giving up their business outright. They figure they can’t generate more sales and will just let it sit or die out. If this sounds like you, I might suggest a different approach: get a sales pro involved. There’s no need to let your business fall apart. It just needs somebody to bring it to life with some sales expertise.

Sales professionals carry a pretty suspicious reputation around with them. It’s true that they can have a shady personality; they are permanently smiley types who work to get the public to buy whatever product they are selling. They can be a hassling, hustling bunch and, when they call at a bad time, a downright annoyance. But it’s a safe bet that we wouldn’t have a lot of the products we use today would not be available without the push of a sales pro. Again, it’s not a job for everyone and not everyone can do it. But there are some that can do this important job.

If you find yourself in need of some sales help, it’s worth doing some investigating before you actually commit to getting someone to work for you. You’re a comparatively small operation against some big companies who hire sales pros regularly. You need someone specific, someone skilled, and someone you can afford.

First off, you need to do a little homework. You need to find out both what sort of sales help you need and what sort of sales pro could suit your business. It’s best to do a little sales research here and find out where you want to improve sales within the confines on your business. Do you want to increase online sales or distribution of print products? Do you want to market to a certain area? Do you want your existing customers to buy more and/or how do you get a bigger client base? These and other related questions need to be asked and answered by you beforehand.

Finding a good sales pro is the next step. There are firms out there that bank a team of sales pros and contract them out to big companies. This isn’t necessary for you. But you do need at least one pro who is hip to current sales trends and can solicit people towards your business. When you go looking for a sales pro, you might have to do a little interviewing. You should ask about their background, what achievements they’ve had in sales, and what they know about doing sales in this day in age. Overall, you have to see their complete sales portfolio. These qualifications will show if they can help you and your business.

From here, your role is to see how you can compensate them. You need to draw up an agreement to what your sales pro will receive for their successful work. I might advise a percentage commission for each new sale made, but if you can swing a part-time hourly wage or other compensation form, please feel free to use that. See what your sales rep has to say and what you can afford. Those factors will also determine what you will give your pro and what will even encourage them to do better.

Getting good sales help might seem like a real difficult thing to do for you and your business. But in the end it might actually be beneficial to your business. You can build on existing success, improve it, and hopefully establish a long-term business relationship that can benefit you both. Selling is a tough job, but it can be done. With some hard work and good professional association, you can hit the mother lode of sales success in information marketing.

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