For those who want to grow, change is essential and rewarding. And when it comes to marketing, we need to be constantly striving for the change that can help us influence more people and convert them into customers.

Econsultancy columnist Daniel Gilbert has shared three ways CMOs (Chief Marketing Officers) can adapt to modern marketing practices and grow.

Gilbert says, “Here are the three things I consider the most pressing for any CMO:

  1. Integrate media and creative
  2. Become data specialists
  3. Remove biddable media from the media plan

1. Integrate media and creative

Firstly, CMOs should reject the division between media and creative. If that’s already a tick, then the next step is to get good at integrating them.

People often forget that search advertising (60%+ of digital ad spend) has been driving this integration since its inception. Any decent AdWords campaign involves the gradual refinement of ad copy according to audience feedback. Search advertising is a far cry from the pre-digital era of creative decision-making, where the HiPPO effect (highest paid person’s opinion being dominant) was the norm. Done properly, the creative aspect of a search campaign should be a balance between art and science: human creativity refined by machine-driven feedback”.

CMOs must adapt to modern marketing (or risk becoming a footnote)


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