John Thornhill has created 10 websites for information marketers. These sites are offered by subscription. Members pay because of the quality content they receive n the sites.

Thornhill is offering you the opportunity to give away or sell these membership subscriptions to your followers for a big profit. He calls this opportunity his Ultimate Reseller Kit.

Each of the 10 sites has three levels of membership: Silver, Gold and Platinum. Give away the silver (or sell it if you prefer and keep 100% commission), and then as your subscribers upgrade to the Gold level, collect 100% commission. If they then upgrade to the Platinum level, collect 50% more commission.

This opportunity can be the source of ongoing revenue as new people sign up. This is “freemium” marketing at its best. You get people involved and profit when Thornhill persuades them to upgrade.

You don’t even need a website for this income stream. Invite people on social media or in emails. However you do it, the process works the same. They get in free and are invited to upgrade to a premium version. It’s classic marketing, and your marketing costs are tiny.

See the 10 sites and sign up to be a reseller here: Ultimate Reseller Kit

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