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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Archive for the 'Ads' Category

Gaz Cooper reveals his secret for successful Amazon-related product sales #ad

Successful car dealers say they make their money when they buy a car, rather than when they sell it. If they buy it cheap enough they will surely make a profit. That’s the principle behind Gaz Cooper’s new training. Cooper is telling how he makes (and he says you can too) $5,000 part-time, buying and selling “Amazon products” without a needing a website or even being an Amazon affiliate (although he says he is also an Amazon affiliate.) He buys them elsewhere and quickly resells them for a nice profit. They could be sold online or offline; either way, they can bring in... [...]

New PLR available in the Internet Marketing Niche #ad

Garry Sayer is an internet marketer of long-standing. He has had several top products. Now he encapsulates what he has learned in his new PLR product, Internet Marketing Profits. This e-book takes the beginner by the hand and shows how to set up an online business and make it pay off. Some of the business models covered in “Internet Marketing Profits” are affiliate marketing, offline marketing, and product creation. Along with this e-book, which you can edit and call your own, Garry is providing professional graphics for your e-cover, sales copy you can use to sell the book and a download... [...]

Raj Bapna announces new WordPress AB Test Plugin to automate split testing your blog #ad

We all know testing is at the heart of improving marketing results, but it’s not easy to manually test all the variables that affect results. Raj Bapna’s new split testing plugin makes it a snap to test your blog , and it’s on sale now as a Warrior Special Offer. But not for long. Raj says he is shutting it down in less than 24 hours. So don’t wait. Get the whole story on the AB Test plugin  here.  [...]

Find out how a Newbie makes $14,000 in just 2 Weeks with a simple WordPress site #ad

He didn’t have his own product. He didn’t have experience in what he was doing. He didn’t do any fancy design or create a sales page with compelling copy. He only had a simple WordPress website. He used his WordPress site to sell PLR on LinkedIn. You see, LinkedIn members are hungry for getting any type of information, especially information that will advance their careers. He catered to this hunger He tells the whole process in a 22 page report available here.  [...]

Discover the No Nonsense Way to Create Products That Sell #ad

How do you create products that people want to buy? What topics do you choose and how do you develop helpful information about those topics? Darren Monroe has released a report that explains how he creates best-selling information products and brings them to market quickly and successfully. This is not a long fluff-filled report it is very short and to the point Get the whole story about Darren’s new No Nonsense Way to Create Products That Sell Now here.  [...]

“Clickbank Colossus” released; shows the little guy how to market Clickbank products

This Clickbank Colossus report tells how to set up an auto-running site that sells a Clickbank product. He includes “The exact steps I took to go from making pennies on the internet to making my first $xxx online – $657 from December 1st to February 1st to be exact, from one income stream.” He includes: A 14 Page (12 plus the Title/Disclaimer pages) PDF Report The exact niche he used. The services and strategy he used to get a quick ranking of #3 in the Google SERPs in under a month. The methods he used to generate the traffic to my website. How to find trending topics for unfamiliar... [...]

Long-time marketer Edmund Loh has released his “Internet Sales Machine”; Lifetime customer value grows 14X. #ad

Most marketers aim too low. You can market high-end products that will pay you much bigger paydays. You can also sell bigger one-time-offers. And you can start this upgraded approach to your business in the next 48 hours. He takes you through the whole process to create irresistible offers that people are eager to buy at prices that improve your bottom line. Watch his video here to learn more.  [...]

Zazan Widi announces new Premium Magazine-style WP Themes that are Fast Loading and SEO Friendly #ad

These beautiful, professional themes make you web site look like a professionally designed online magazine, giving you the credibility your site needs. You can easily add your own logo, advertisements, photos and more to create an attractive site that can be a pleasure to read and potentially profitable to own. Zazan shows pictues of these themes and explains their features here.  [...]

Get 20 Unique Minisite Templates for $0.75 Each (But Price is Rising) #ad

Lucas Adamski has created 20 beautiful templates for minisites, complete with PSD files so you can make any changes you need. Each minisite template has a capture page and a sales page version. Some also come with graphical headline/header or with HTML text headline/header, which means that you won’t need Photoshop in order to edit these templates. He includes a limited bonus: a free video training showing how to easily edit minisite templates in free software. Lucas has a sample of all 20 templates and further explanation here.  [...]

The new “Azon Cash Cow” reveals 75 of the best-converting high-commission Amazon products #ad

With hundreds of thousands of products, Amazon offers a rich opportunity for affiliates. But for good results, you need to research the products to find those that will repay your efforts. Azon Cash Cow has done the research and found 75 products that bring good sales plus good commissions to the table. The products are shown in a spreadsheet that makes finding the right one for your business easy. This can save you hours of research. These 75 products are each so powerful that each one could be the focus of a minisite business. They have all passed through three filters: Does this product also... [...]